The Waterside-Ebrington

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ebringtonThe Ebrington site was first designated for military use during the siege of Derry in 1689, with construction of the permanent barracks commencing in 1839 and completing in 1841.  The original barracks were in the shape of a star fort and are laid out on three sides overlooking the city and River Foyle.  The star fort is one of two scheduled monuments in the city, the other being the city walls.  There are a total of 19 buildings of historical and architectural note, 14 of which are listed. Within the Star Fort the former Parade Ground has been developed into a state-of-the-art multi-purpose public space and venue, and measuring over five acres in size it is larger than Trafalgar Square or Donegall Square, Belfast. The public space will become a new cultural hub for the city and will host key events throughout the UK City of Culture 2013.

St Columb’s park house

St Columb's park houseSt. Columb’s Park House is an 18th century manor house situated in parkland on the Waterside of Derry/Londonderry. The house was renovated in 1994, and established as a centre for reconciliation and a safe venue.

The centre seeks to contribute to peace-building and social inclusion through a range of programmes that promote civic participation, human rights, and democratic pluralism. The beneficiaries of our programme work are mostly young people, including young members of political parties. We also provide assistance to local community groups, when requested, with the commissioning of research.

In addition, the centre operates as a community business offering conference and residential facilities. Income from this commercial activity is covenanted to the charitable activities of the Centre.